AB & A Test Company, Inc. specializes in fire protection equipment testing. We are licensed by The State Fire Marshall Title #19 and the City of Los Angeles Chief Regulation #4.

AB & A Test Company, Inc. provides service to a large range of facilities including high rise buildings, schools/universities, multi-building residencies and any commercial building that requires testing on the fire protection life and safety systems.
AB & A Test Company Inc. has been providing the highest quality of services to our clients since 1982. We are one of the most qualified fire testing agencies tapping into almost every aspect of fire prevention and as a member of NFPA we ensure that we are up tov date on all the current fire codes and regulations. We are based in Southern California and have performed Chief Regulation #4 for Los Angeles and Title #19 inspections throughout California.
We take pride that many of our clients have been with us since AB&A Test Company Inc. was founded. Our dedication to our work ensures 100% customer satisfaction.